Tuesday, November 17, 2009

client / server GIT

ssh myuser@www.coolaj86.info # remote server
cd ~/Code
mkdir chess.git
cd chess.git
git --bare init

git clone myuser@www.coolaj86.info:~/Code/chess.git
# This does the same as the above
#mkdir chess
#cd chess
#git init
#git remote add origin myuser@www.coolaj86.info:~/Code/chess.git

# change some files
git add .
git commit -m "Changed some files"
git push origin master

For my next project for my programming class I've decided to use git on my server as well as the 'ol faithful lappy... just in case lappy dies or something.

Many thanks to the great blogger Tim: http://toolmantim.com/articles/setting_up_a_new_remote_git_repository


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